Post- appy 

This may not be my most insightful blog post so far, but I’m post surgery bored out of my mind with limited ideas on what to write about, so this will have to do.

So, anyone that is friends with me on Facebook has seen that I’ve been through the ringer the past few months when it comes to my health. Not sure why, but WVU must have some foreign germs that my body just can’t get used to. I’ve been hospitalized more times in the past six months than I have in my entire life (about 6 times), for numerous reasons ranging from pneumonia to allergic reactions to appendicitis. Although WVU’s Ruby Memorial Hospital is super fancy and I feel like I’m staying in a five star hotel half the time, I’ve been spending more time than I’d like bedridden.

A few days ago I was sent to the hospital after being suddenly struck with intense stomach pain. Assuming my stomach was just acting up like it frequently does, I tried everything from tums to chugging aloe water from my roommate to avoid going to the hospital again, but it all failed. By the time I got to the hospital around 10pm, I was doubled over in pain crying on the phone with my parents. From then until 6am, they gave me every test known to man (blood, X Ray, contrast CT, pelvic exam, ultrasound, etc). After seeing my white blood cell count was up and noticing my inflamed appendix on my CT, I woke up (after finally falling asleep at 7 am) to a team of greys anatomy like surgeons standing over me talking about my case (like I wasn’t laying right in front of them), and how they were gonna remove my appendix in two hours. Two hours?!

giphy.gif Mentally, I was freaking. If it wasn’t for the pain meds, Benadryl, and benzo’s they were pumping me with, I probably would’ve had a full fledged panic attack. Neither my parents nor my friends were awake, and I sent my roommate home to get some sleep a few hours before.  Not having to been able to update my parents all night because I wanted to let them sleep, I called my mom as she was walking out the door for work to let her know I’d be having major surgery in two hours. Her and my dad got in the car and drove to WVU within 4 hours and were standing at my bedside as they rolled me from post-op to my room. Friends waited for me as I got out, but I don’t remember much more about that day besides answering texts (very drunkenly) and sleeping.

Day one: Consisted of sleeping, and more sleeping. I managed to catch the new episode of greys anatomy on my hospital tv, but unfortunately I don’t remember the episode at all now. I didn’t hesitate to eat as soon as I was semi conscious, and ordered a huge meal of chicken tenders, fries, Mac & cheese, brownies, ice cream, and root beer from the hospital room service.

Day two: They let me go home & my mom drove my car back to Maryland. The pain medicine was making me itch like crazy, so with almost every dose I took a Benadryl as well, which had my knocked out almost all day.

giphy-1.gif I also started noticing the gas pains from when they inflated my abdomen, and tried not to cry every twenty minutes from them. My mom wanted me to sleep in bed with her and my dad so they could check on me if I needed them, but instead decided to set up Kayleigh’s baby monitor which also serves as a walkie talkie, so I woke up every few hours from a “ARE YOU OKAY HUNNY?!” From Carmen- lol gotta love her.

Day three: I finally showered, which made me feel like a new woman. I also took my bandages off and saw that my stomach looked like I had been blindly stabbed three times, which was unsettling. I really hope I don’t have significant scars for the cruise I’m going on in two weeks. I haven’t had much of an appetite at all.

Day four: (Today) Things are getting better, but I’m still pretty sore. It’s hard to walk around but I was told it would help with the gas pains that have yet to go away, so I’m trying. I’m getting some more visitors today which I’m super excited about because I’m starting to get major cabin fever.


You can only Pinterest and Netflix so much before you feel like you’re going completely crazy, which has led me to this rambling blog post on my current pathetic life. However, I’m glad my appendix is out because apparently it had been causing a lot of my abdomen issues the past few months. Hopefully now I can start preparing for my cruise & try not to focus on the FOMO I’ll be experiencing the next week. The amount of texts, calls, visits, and presents I’ve received since my surgery is honestly crazy, and I’m so thankful to have the people that I do. Love y’all! Also thanks mom and dad for stopping your life once again to make sure your favorite child doesn’t die, hehe.


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